The Liquidator in this regime is referred to as the Official Liquidator. The company enters liquidation by Order of the High Court and the Official Liquidator is appointed by the High Court. The process is brought about by a Petition, which may be presented by the company or its directors or may be presented by a creditorcheap viagra buy.

The Official Liquidator is an officer of the Court. The process is conducted under the supervision of the Court and the Official Liquidator reports to the Court on progress at intervals and at the conclusion of the processcan you buy viagra in dubai.

cheapest generic viagra cialisIn certain circumstances, for instance where there is an immediate danger that the assets of the company will deteriorate or be stolen, an immediate application may be made to the High Court to appoint a Provisional Liquidator. The specific powers of the Provisional Liquidator usually include the collection and securing of the assets and records of the company, pending the hearing of the petition to appoint the Official Liquidator.

The Official Liquidator’s primary duty is to realise the assets of the company for the benefit of the creditors and to distribute the proceeds to the creditors in the legally prescribed order of precedence. He is also obliged to report to the Director of Corporate Enforcement on the affairs of the company and to consider whether the directors acted honestly and responsiblycheap viagra india.

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