cheap viagra buyExaminership is a process in which an insolvent company can obtain order generic cialis online canadacourt protection from the demands of its creditors for a defined period, usually 70 days, during which the court-appointed Examiner formulates a Scheme of Arrangementhow do i order viagra to be proposed to the creditors. It has developed into a flexible and successful tool since its inception in 1990. A considerable body of expertise and practice has been worked up so that clarity as regards the parameters of what is required is becoming more definable in advance.

can you buy viagra in dubaiTo be suitable for Examinership, a company must be insolvent but not in liquidation. The Petition for appointment of an Examiner would also be accompanied by the report of an buy cialis legally canadaIndependent Accountant, which should indicate, amongst other things, that in his opinion, there is a reasonable prospect for survival of the company and the whole or any part of its business as a going concern, if certain conditions are met. These conditions would usually include:

  1. Acceptance by at least one class of creditor of a write-down in its debt by a certain percentage, in a scheme of arrangement,
  2. Sources of capital to be invested and available for imminent input,
  3. Funding to cover the costs of trading in the Examinership period, and
  4. Assets sufficient to bear the expenses of the Examinership process.

Not all companies are suitable candidates for Examinership. The parameters that determine this will become apparent through discussion. We can:cheapest generic viagra cialis

  1. Advise as to whether Examinership is a suitable option.
  2. Report as Independent Accountant, or
  3. Act as Examiner.

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