Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

This is a tax-efficient method of releasing funds accumulated over the life of a company. It has distinct tax advantages in that the surplus funds distributed to the members is only taxed at Capital Gains Tax rate, rather than the marginal rate of tax applicable if the money was taken out as increased salary or dividendscheap viagra buy.

Where significant property or other material assets form part of the assets of the Company, and the members do not wish to dispose of the assets then they can be distributed “in specie”- in other words the assets themselves can be distributed in kind to the members. A further advantage of distributing surplus assets in this way is that the transfer does not attract “ad valoremstamp duty, which could be a significant cost of dealing with the property by way of sale to the member or memberscan you buy viagra in dubai.

We would recommend that a recent valuation of significant assets be undertaken, and a review of the projected balance sheet should be done, in order to identify and eliminate any potential problems in advance of the liquidation. As specialists in this area, we can assist in this processcheapest generic viagra cialis.

We are able to quote competitively for Members’ Voluntary Liquidations as we have standardised procedures drafted that eliminate much delay in implementation and completion of the processcheap viagra india.

In most cases, you will know in advance the cost of the liquidation and there will be no unpleasant surprises as to costs.cialis pills

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